Landscape Ideas to Enhance Your Commercial Property

Landscape Ideas to Enhance Your Commercial Property
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Commercial properties that have comfortable outdoor spaces are widely appreciated by clients and employees alike. Building a welcoming landscape design means increasing your property’s beauty. There are plenty of easy ways to enhance your landscape, and Shelton Group is ready to turn your vision into a reality. Here are just a few ideas to instantly enhance the beauty and functionality of your commercial property.

Highlight Your Entrance Using Planters

First impressions matter, and you want yours to count. Frame your business’s entrance by installing planters around the front door. Shrubs and vivid flowers instantly make your entrance more welcoming. You might even wish to add shade using small trees and other features for a unique look. No matter what you’re thinking of adding to your property, we can help you create a stunning design.

Line Your Property’s Pathways

Plants are a wonderful addition to any commercial landscape. Draw clients into your building by adding lush plants since greenery is sure to put anyone in a good mood. One idea is to line your pathways or building perimeter with a diverse selection of plants. Try a bold look by using oversized planters.

Create an Outdoor Seating Area

An outdoor seating area is an attractive feature to include in your commercial landscape. A simple bench paired with some small trees for shade makes your property feel relaxing. You can go for a fancier look by including additional planters or creating a larger seating area with a pavilion. No matter what your design includes, a botanical flair can help catch the eye of everyone who passes your property.

Embellish Your Parking Lots

If your business has a parking lot, don’t overlook an opportunity to spruce it up. It’s true that a parking lot may not seem like the most exciting space, but it just needs some TLC to enhance its purpose. Line your lot with planters that contain flowers or hardy plants for an instant splash of color. Guests will be impressed by your dedication to detail.

Add Shrubs to Your Windows

Some businesses don’t have a whole lot of outdoor space to work with. But even if your landscaping design is limited in size, you can still leave a major impact by using your windows. Planter boxes for windowsills and balconies let you add beautiful flower arrangements and greenery to your storefront. These planters are easy to install and don’t take much of your time. You can beautify your property even if you don’t have room for an extensive landscaping design.

Contact Our Landscapers to Transform Your Commercial Property

Businesses have so many options when creating a custom landscape design. Adding some color to your property makes a major difference in how your company appeals to both your loyal clients and brand-new ones. Whether your property is big or small, you’ll want to work with a talented team of landscapers to achieve your unique vision. Contact Shelton Group to begin your commercial landscaping project.

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