Fall Maintenance for Your Landscaping

Fall Maintenance for Your Landscaping
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Many of us enjoy fall as a much-awaited reprieve from the summer heat. The crisp, cool days encourage us to draw close to loved ones and share a pleasant evening in front of a bonfire. Fall is also a great time to improve your landscaping. Fallen leaves, twigs, decayed plants and other debris need to be removed, and you should prepare your greenery for the long winter ahead. Shelton Landscape is here to help you keep your lawn spotless this fall. Below, we offer a few maintenance tips for you to follow. If you need assistance, call our team and we’ll be happy to help. 

Clear Away Leaves

Leaf cleanup is easily one of the biggest fall maintenance jobs, especially if your property has large trees. Even a couple of smaller trees can lead to a blanket of leaves trapping your lawn and creating an eyesore. Disposing of your leaves ensures that grass doesn’t get damaged under a heavy layer of debris. Plus, your lawn will look so much tidier once all of the sticks, leaves and branches are removed. 

Replace Mulch

Mulch is a common feature in landscaping, and many business owners use it to add color to garden beds and around greenery. Fresh mulch improves the health of soil, prevents weeds and helps plants stay hydrated as the humidity drops with the approaching winter. We can help you select a mulch that suits the greenery on your property and lengthens the life of your plants.  

Care For Plans

Commercial properties benefit from installing a variety of plants, trees and shrubs, as these beautiful features make their storefront so much more inviting. Be sure to properly care for the plants installed in your property, since a bit of TLC will ensure they look healthy. Even if it’s cold out, some plants still need maintenance so that they remain strong and healthy come springtime. 

Prepare Your Lawn

Winter means snow and ice, and these harsh elements can mean bad news for your lawn. Grass requires some extra care in preparation for the colder months. Fall is your opportunity to aerate your lawn, overseed your grass to fill in thinner areas and apply fertilizer. If you have artificial turf, now’s the time to give it a thorough cleaning. 

Remove Weeds

Weeds can distract from your property’s beauty. Closely inspect your lawn and pathways for weeds. Our team completes regular lawn maintenance and can quickly remove all traces of weeds from your property. 

Keep Watering and Mowing

Grass needs more moisture when it is actively growing. During fall, you can balance rainfall with regular watering to provide at least 1 inch of water each week. As growth begins to slow down, that amount of water can be sufficient for 10 to 14 days. You’ll also want to cut your grass shorter as the season continues. Keeping grass a bit shorter than usual can help deter winter fungal growth. 

Contact Our Team For Dependable Landscape Maintenance Services

Shelton Landscape covers all of your landscape maintenance needs. From weed removal to raking, we will expertly keep your lawn on par with the gorgeous fall weather. Contact our team today to learn how we can assist you. 

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